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IIRSM Accredited Programs

IIRSM Approved Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment

Course Description

This course is designed to develop the participant’s:

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment 
  • Knowledge of Risk Assessment work practices at work places
  • Understanding of the control measures required for Risk Assessment

Training shall consist of a combination of formal instruction (e.g., lecture, discussion, interactive, video, written material). Each candidate will undergo a practical Hazard Identification and Risk assessment process at their work places. Each Candidate has to complete the Hazard Identification and Risk assessment sheet with current examples at their work places.

Practical Assessment: Participants will complete the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Sheet within their workplace and Record their findings and fill the sheets for review with the assessor to complete the Practical assessment


Course Objective

By the end of this training program, participants would be able to

  • Understand the significance of hazards recognition in preventing accidents and incidents
  • Develop skills in identifying and reporting of hazards
  • Assess the risks associated with different job tasks
  • Understand the different types of tools available to identify and minimize risk associated with job tasks
  • Understand the control measures required 

Target Audience
  • Safety Officers, Engineers
  • Operation Managers
  • Site Supervisors 

Course Outline

The course will cover the following topics

  • Introductions
  • Course objectives
  • Safety moment
  • Definitions
  • Hazard Awareness (RCA Investigations)
  • Risk assessment steps
  • Identifying hazards
  • Hazard Identification Tool (Energy source identification model)
  • Identifying Energy sources
  • Decide who might be harmed and how
  • Evaluate the risks and decide on the precautions
  • Evaluating the Risk (Likelihood of Occurrence)
  • Evaluating the Risk (Severity of Consequences)
  • Risk Matrix   5 X 5
  • Decide on the precautions (Hierarchy of controls)
  • Record your findings
  • Review risk assessment
  • Practical Assessment practical for the next day


Ref Location From To
IIRSM10 Cairo 19-4-2019 20-4-2019
IIRSM10 Cairo 1-6-2019 2-6-2019
IIRSM10 Abu Dhabi 26-1-2020 27-1-2020
IIRSM10 Cairo 2-2-2020 3-2-2020
IIRSM10 Kuwait 25-3-2020 26-3-2020
IIRSM10 Kuwait 16-9-2020 17-9-2020