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    Internationally recognized health and safety qualifications.
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    Covering a wide range of disciplines and industries.

Consultancy Solutions

We focus on providing consultancy services and advice to both large and medium size enterprises. Our clients trust us with the delivery of their strategic projects and initiatives because of our team of consultants. We bring on board a team of consultants who are experienced practitioners with a broad experience in their area.


This depth of experience, combined with the way we work, allows us to focus on making a difference with our clients. Our clients benefit by having an experienced consultant working to develop the skills and confidence of their teams and solve real business problems in a cost effective way. Our management consultancy services make a real difference to the performance of the organizations we work with.


Our consultancy department offers a wide range services that include but are not limited to the following:



- Marketing & sales audit

- Extensive market research and analysis

- Marketing & sales strategies and plans

- Development of marketing & sales organization, policies, systems & procedures

- Marketing & sales training



  Management Audit

- Leading development & implementation of new strategies and plans

- Leading merger and acquisition

- Executive coaching & counseling


  Strategic Management

- Formulation of vision, mission and goals & objectives

- Corporate culture development

- Performance Improvement Management

- Turn-around management


  Organizational Development

- Design of organization structures

- Manpower planning

- Job analysis, job descriptions, jobholder specifications, job performance standards

- Job evaluations and designing C&B systems


  Human Resources Management

- Conducting HR management audits

- Formulating HR strategy, plans and programs

- Preparation of HR policies, systems & procedures

- Personnel recruitment and selection

- Personnel training & development

- Performance Management

- Succession planning and Executive Coaching

- Industrial relations

- HR information systems


  Customer Service

- Customers’ perception surveys and customer service audits

- Crafting of CS strategies, plans and programs

- Development of CS organization; structure, manpower composition, policies, systems & procedures

- CS Interim Management and CS training


And many others including but are not limited to the following;


- FIDIC Contractual Consultancy

- Feasibility Studies

- Reliability Engineering

- Purchasing and Logistics

- Drilling and Well Construction

- Insurance Services

- Health and Safety

- Environmental Information Management System

- Transportation of Dangerous Goods

- Industrial Waste Management

- Oil and Gas Contracts Management

- International Arbitration