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Civil Engineering

E. Building Codes, Inspection, Planning and Zoning - Managing Building Inspection Programs


Managing Building Inspection Programs provides an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your own management effectiveness and consider adopting more effective organizational policies and processes in your organization.
Focused lectures coupled with group problem-solving workshops will provide a rich, interactive learning environment. You will gain valuable insights, ideas, and resources that you can use on the job. You will obtain practical solutions to common building inspection management issues and problems.

Target Audience

This course is Participants managers of building inspection programs, members of the management team, and inspectors and plans examiners who are preparing for management positions.

Civil Engineering Outline
The course covers the following topics:
  • Department organization
  • Staffing requirements
  • Funding sources
  • Budgets
  • Administrative policies and procedures
  • Permits and inspection programs
  • Application and permit systems
  • Plan-review process
  • Inspection programs
  • Recordkeeping and Information Management
  • Recordkeeping for field inspection
  • Records and reporting systems
  • Written and oral communication policies
  • Filing systems and information handling
  • Automation of applications
  • Public information policies


Ref Location From To Cost
CVE05.1 Kuwait 4-10-2020 8-10-2020