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Production Operations

The Comprehensive course on Petroleum Exploration


By joining this course participants will develop a very good understanding of the general concept of petroleum industries and their recent development by being exposed to the following:

  • Crude oil and natural gas-their origin
  • Geology of petroleum
  • Drilling and different types of drilling rigs
  • Production technology
  • Crude oil refining

Target Audience
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Project engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Production facilities supervisors

Production Operations Outline

The course covers the following topics:



Crude oil and natural gas-their origin

  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Different nature and types of crude oil and gas
  • Utilization of natural gas
  • Natural gas as profitable fuel


Geology of petroleum

  • Textures and structures of Sedimentary rocks
  • Source rocks and reservoir rocks
  • Capping mechanism
  • Origin, migration and accumulation of petroleum
  • Exploration of petroleum- different methods
  • Various recovery techniques



  • A general concept
  • Different types of drilling rigs and equipment
  • Onshore and offshore drilling
  • Drilling fluid composition
  • Well completion methods
  • Subsurface conditions
  • Rock failure mechanisms
  • Casing cementation



  • Introduction to production technology
  • Different production installations and equipment
  • Different production operations in onshore and offshore
  • Primary and enhanced oil recovery methods
  • Artificial lift
  • Surface processing of oil, gas and water


Crude oil and product evaluation methods

  • Characteristics and specifications of different petroleum products
  • Petroleum product tests and their significance

Principles of crude oil refining

  • Secondary refining processes- sweetening, cat-cracking,
  • Reforming and Separation of gas fractions
  • Reservoir engineering consideration of different reservoir parameters for exploration, development, and exploitation of petroleum


Ref Location From To Cost
PO26 Kuwait 8-11-2020 12-11-2020